Every brief we engage in involves our personal commitment. We work with outstanding specialists and make use of expert sources around the world. Yet we remain personally involved in every stage of the search process. As a matter of principle, we handle all contacts and interviews ourselves – you can always be certain of who represents your company.

We take the time to get to know your company: its core competencies and markets, its strategies and goals, its structure and organization, its culture and philosophy, its executives. This know-how enables us to formulate a clearly defined, unique specification – the basis of a smartly organized and effective search process.


You look for the executive who will play an influential role in determining your company’s direction in the years to come. You see the opportunities that come with every change in leadership and you are aware of the risks. That is why you stay involved – from choice of the consultant to completion of the search.

You expect to work with a partner of sound judgment with the know-how, dedication, integrity and style to represent your company’s interests. And you demand a perfectly executed search and selection process within clearly defined and transparent costs: professional research, concise and realistic progress reports, accurate and comprehensive exposés as well as solid and reliable recommendations.

The position and functional requirements are your points of departure. Your expectations go beyond: you look for alignment with your company’s goals, strategies and objectives and you appraise the cultural fit.